Amongst the most prominent supporters are the well-known Climate researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founder and long-time Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climatic Research. Schellhuber presented our project for the first time at the International Climate Conference Impactworld 2017 in Potsdam.

Premium partners

Premium Partners for the support of our project is the Deutsche Musikrat, since 2018. whose General Secretary Prof. Christian Höppner has provided much helpful assistance.

organisational team

Ulrich Seidel is Chairman of the German Association of Glockenspiel Players and works as a Carillon player in the city of Erfurt (The Bartholomäaus Tower.)

Max Doehlemann is a composer and pianist and works also as a culture manager.

the Initiator

The melody for the Climate Bells comes from the Berlin composer Klaus Wüsthoff (born 1922). After meeting Prof. Dr. Dr. Schellnhuber Wüsthoff became aware of his worries for the future generations and developed from the Leitmotiv of his orchestral work ‘Die Regentrude‘ the Climate Bells Melody – an impressive artistic contribution to one of the most urgent issues of the present day.